Eggcellence Cafe is dedicated to providing our diners with high quality ingredients that are locally sourced and at the peak of freshness.


Kick start your day with Eggcellence’s extravangant breakfast menu! From maple syrup drenched waffles to eggs fried just right, we’ve got it all!

Brunch & Lunch

Just because we’re all about eggs and breakfast does not mean we are in any way behind on lunch & dinner! Come over and try our amazing menu.

Bakery & Beverages

To top it off after a great meal, we recommend our delectable selection of bakery items and beverages that would keep you craving for more, so what are you waiting for!


Eggcellence Cafe offers experienced restaurant professionals and savvy business entrepreneurs the opportunity to run a franchise restaurant in their town.


Want to work with us deliver happiness to our diners? We are on the lookout for talented individuals and offer amazing career opportunities.

Excellence at Eggcellence! Join us for Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch!